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• jabir

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

First of all I would like to thank you for this service, this makes things a lot easier for me and my family, may Allah reward you all.

• sa

Jazaakallah khair for your help and amin for your doa yaa Akhee fellah.

May Allah reward you better than what you do for us expecially my sister.

• un

My dear brother's in Islaam, JazakumuLlaahu Khairan for the beautiful du'aa you made for me and my husband to be in shaa 'Allaah.

May Allaah increase you all in Eemaan, taqwa, Sabr, Ikhlas, Khushoo', Hikmah, 'Ilmun Nafee'an, and anything else dear and pleasing to him, Aameen.

No, i did'nt meet him on, but on another matrimonial website.

But i can honestly say that i found your website to be a very very excellent different from all the others. Anyone would know it's definitely a Salafi website...people of the Sunnah.

Ma shaa 'Allaah, there's is no mingling between the brother's and sister's, and if you want to initiate any contact with someone there you must go through the admin and then the Walee. Ma shaa 'Allaah! TabarakaLlaah! Much much less fitnah.

Again my noble brother's and sister's may Allaah reward you all with the best of rewards, and that is Jannahtul Firdous, aameen.

May Allaah bless you all and your families tremendously, aameen.

• ub

asalaam aleikum wa rahatmatula wa barakatu

I am firstly very happy that you have set up this magnificent site for salafi brothers and sisters so jazakhalla khair for this may allah reward you...

• ukk

bismillah ar rahman ar raheem

asalamu alaikum warahmatullah. just wanted to say jazakAllah khair for setting the salafi match site up, coz finding someone for marriage is very hard. So may Allah reward those who took part in this effort. ameen.

following aspects of the website:

questions: were very good coz the more details u know about a person, the better

layout: was organised

ease of use: very easy

colour scheme: very good

other: the only problem i had when using it was...when i pressed the saved button, it did save the details, except for the section on "religion." so i had to fill this section all again. khair inshAllah. apart from this, all was good.


asalamu alaikum, just a suggestion. u should tell the brothers and sisters that, as soon as they get married, they should email admin to tell them so they will no longer be on the database. This then will not be wasting the time of the people who are already in the process of looking and so they won't add these people on to their favourites.

• aa

i want firstly to thanks you for this beneficial website and hope that Allah will reward you here and in the hereafter,...

• sh

I pray this that Allah swt reward each one of your that were involved with getting this site up and running with increased good things. Ameen.

Jazaakallahu khairan ahsanal-jazaa'i wa baarakafeek

Your sister in deen.

• aa

May Allah reward you with firdous for making it easy for the selefi brothers and sisters to maried amin.

• sg

Ahumduliah the questions were good and important.

All you need to knoe preytty much a few push keys away.

It give us a pure and rightious way to find mates that Allah designed for us.

MAt Allah reward who ever came up with this service ammen.

It was defintly needed.

• mav

Actually I was impressed, I didn't know that there was a site for "Salafi matrimonial".

I found it easy, to feel out, but in some questions like "describe your match", the space was small.

I loved the color.

• k

layout: very clear

ease of use: very easy to follow - mashaAllah

colour scheme: nice - but a bit girly

other: The notes of information with each question is definately very useful as a guide.

• tak
• az
May Allah reward you for such a good and needed service.
• uab
May Allah subahaanah wa ta'ala reward you for your efforts in helping salafi Muslims to marry, ameen.
• arar
may Allah reward you for this essential service to the salafi community...
• au
May Allaah make your efforts in helping the Salafi community successfull and reward you in the hereafter Ameen
• haw
may Allah reward you for the assistance that your have provided for the ummah
• mam

...the questions are beautiful, especially for protecting the sisters as well as the brothers from falling int into terrible situations.

may allah bless the admin at smatch,for coming up with a site dedicated to bringing the salalifiyeen one step closer to fulfilling their din in comfort of knowing that their attempts to find a potential marriage partner would be at least headed towards the correct path in their understanding of din,instead of just taking risk at trying to get a mate as close to the sunnah as possible.

baraka-allahu feekum may allah make all the efforts of your admins heavy on the scale on that day when wealth nor children will be of no benefit.

• sh
jazakAllahukhairan for all your efforts.
• ea, sweden

...I want to thank you for a really good site, it's very well done!

May Allah SWA reword for yor effort to make it "hallal".

• au

Aslaam u alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatukhu,


This is mashallaah such a great Salafi Matrimonial Service that is according to the Qur'aan and Sunnah. This sure is a blessing for the Ummah, as marriage is a very,very great thing in Islaam. I have very recently registered on the Salafi Matrimonial Service and I have just sent my first email today to request for contact with a sister.

May Allaah make you sincere in your intentions, and firm upon the deen. Ameen

• sak, sri lanka

Jazakallahu hairran.

May Allah reward the ones responsible for providing the Muslim Salafi Umma with such a useful and benificial facility!

• ny

Jazakallahiran for this service.

It is very useful and and much needed.

• us
Jazaak Allaahu Khair for all the work and effort you put into helping the Salafiyoon with regards to the issue of marriage.
• ur
Jazkum Allah Khiran for this service.
• ah

Jazakalaahu khair for the useful service.

• ms
Thank You for the service...
• ymaa

I hope that your efforts fill your scales Yawmul qiyammah.

May Allah Grant you success.

• ah
brother I would like to thank u for making this service possible.
• ok

SubhanaAllah it was scrutinising and might put someone off or let them look as though there's no luck!! (Tru;y exposing!).

I bet the brother(s) who framed them is already married.

HOWEVER, mashaAllah its the best so far compared to others, it feels like the angel of the grave is asking you some teaser questions and it is a kind of wakening up call.

MashaAllah, indeed it is for no time wasters - I pray I'm not one.

• nbh

Jazak Allahu khyran for you efforts in bring together halal Salafi marriages.


• uk

Maasha'allah the website was very nice and it ask alot of detailed questions wish were very good.

Jazakallahu Khaira for offering such a nice SALAFI matrimonial website.

Insha'Allah I will refer any sister to this website.

Shukran wa Jazakallahu Khaira

• uy

I also wish to say this, this site proves to be invaluable to the present Salafi ummah, May Allah(s.w.t)reward all of those who are behind it.

Jazakhallhu Hairran wa Barakhallhu feek.

• be

...the color scheme could be different but overall I love the questions and I knew I was at the right site when you started asking questions about minhaj, scholars, etc. I appreciate the fact that you keep the sexes separated.

well done!

baraka Allahu feekum.

May Allah reward you all with janna firdous for your help I think we were in much need of this sort of marriage site.