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Help / Frequently Asked Questions
• What is / ( is an online matrimonial resource designed for Salafi adults to find their suitable Salafi marriage partner. This service is brought to you by Fatwa-Online.

• Is there a need for such a service?

Judging by the number of enquiries received by sites such as our sister site Fatwa-Online, for example, we have deduced that there is a need. Particular attention has been paid to those Salafis who live in areas where the Salafi community is sparse, hence such a service would prove invaluable to them, inshaa.-Allaah. Our role therefore is simply to act as the middle-man between brothers seeking suitable marriage partners and the Walee's of sisters seeking suitable marriage partners.

• Thank you for your co-operation, and remember, Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala) is always watchful over all you do...

Simply, we expect from all Salafi users the best and most complete manners whilst using this matrimonial service to seek their suitable Salafi marriage partner. By request of the Scholars, sisters are advised to refrain from any usage of this site, rather sufficing with their Walee registering on their behalf. Furthermore, brothers are also reminded of the obligation of establishing contact with Walee's of suitable candidates.

IMPORTANT: Anyone found to be openly listing their contact details in their public profile (i.e. the profile visible to all registered users), will have their account permanently BANNED; In this regard we operate a zero tolerance policy!

• How do I initiate contact?

1) Register for your FREE membership;
2) Ensure your membership profile is complete, if you are unsure, then click on the "View My Profile" link on the [My Account] page to see how your profile is seen by others;
3) Search the database for a suitable smatch;
4) Once found, clip the details to your [My Favorites] clipboard and on TUESDAY email us on:

...via the email address you used to sign-up for your FREE membership, indicating YOUR username and member i.d in addition to the username and member i.d of THREE members you are interested in initiating contact with (in order of preference, in case the requested details are incomplete), keeping in mind that we will subsequently only supply the details of ONE member.

Any requests received which do not include these essential details will be ignored!

Important: In order to maintain the smooth running of the Smatch service, all email requests must have a Tuesday date stamp when they reach us. Further, note that we are based in London, United Kingdom.

To ensure clarity, ALL requests must be made as indicated below in the "sample email requesting contact details". For ease, simply copy-and-paste the sample email below into your email, making sure to change the ?????? and ###### with the relevant information.

Finally, in our endeavour to assist you all in your search for a suitable partner, we will be accepting multiple contact details requests as follows:

All members who have held membership for 6 months or more are permitted to request contact details for up to 2 members every week. In turn, we shall supply you with contact details of the requested 2 active members/walees, inshaa.-Allaah.

All members who have held membership for 12 months or more are permitted to request contact details for up to 3 members every week. In turn, we shall supply you with contact details of the requested 3 active members/walees, inshaa.-Allaah.

If you have already signed up, to check how long you have been a member, otherwise click here to sign-up!

• Sample email requesting contact details

as-salaam 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahe wa barakaatuhu,

i am a registered member of, my details being:

username: ??????

member i.d: ######

it is tuesday, and i am interested in initiating contact with the following registered member (in order of preference:

first choice:

username: ??????

member i.d: ######

second choice:

username: ??????

member i.d: ######

third choice:

username: ??????

member i.d: ######

i have checked and am sure i have completed my profile.

jazaak-Allaahu khayr

• How many members' details can I request every Tuesday?
You can send us a request with a choice list of THREE members (as indicated above), from which we will subsequently send you the contact details of ONE member.
• Spammers will be ignored!
Send us ONE email with a choice list of THREE members, from which we will subsequently send you the contact details of ONE member. If you spam us with your request, ALL your emails will be ignored!
• Do I have to answer every question?


• I do not know the answer to some of the questions, especially the ones in the [My Religion] section, so what should I do?
Simply enter "don't know" in the [if other, please state] box.
• Important instructions to Walees
If you are a walee (guardian) of a sister, then you are required to complete a member's profile for the SISTER and NOT for yourself.
• I applied for contact details and have not received a response yet, why?

You have not received a response because of either of the following reasons:

1) Your profile is incomplete; and/or
2) The profile of the member whom you are interested in is incomplete; and/or
3) The date stamp on your email was not a tuesday, which is the only day on which we accept applications for contact details;
4) Your email did not include the relevant information as required and outlined above.

With regard to profiles, we ask everyone to make sure their profiles are complete, since someone out there may be interested in initiating contact with you, but you are delaying the process because your profile is incomplete.

• I had a query and sent you an email, but have not received a reply yet, why?
Check this page "Help / Frequently Asked Questions" and theres a good chance we would have updated this page answering your query.
• I can't find details on the site as to how to pay for this service
That's correct. We haven't published these details simply because this service is provided FREE to all members. That said, please don't abuse this service!
• I am no longer in need of this service, how can I terminate my membership?

Send us an email to that effect, making sure to list your username and member i.d. and most importantly that you send the email via your registered email account. If you find we have not removed your details from our database, then it is probably because the email address from which you sent the request was not the same as the one registered with us. We must stress the importance of this simple security check in order to avoid the effect of any malicious activity!

Important: After we receive your request to terminate your membership, upon termination, the process is irreversible!

• Whilst completing my profile, I have noticed some of the drop-down options do not include any options specific to me, what should I select?
For the time being select the option "Other, please state", and then drop us an email at advising us of the options you feel we need to include and we shall endeavour to facilitate your request, inshaa.-Allaah.
• I just received an email entitled: " new match found". What does this mean?
We have a built-in mechanism which scans all members' details based upon the match criteria you specified. When the system pulls up members which match your criteria it automatically sends you an email notifying you. Should you wish to pursue further with this member, then on Tuesday send us a request for contact details, as outlined above.
• I sent a request on Tuesday for contact details, and received a reply saying that particular member had not listed their walee's contact details. Is it possible for me to send you ONE email with a list of THREE member's in order of preference, so if there is any problem with incomplete Walee contact details with the first member then you can move on to the second member and so on?
Yes. Please refer to the ammended "standard email requesting contact details" above.
• My Walee / Referee does not have a telephone / mobile / email. What should I do?
Simply enter "does not have one" in the appropriate box. We would however like to encourage your referee to sign up for a free email account from any of the free services available such as or and the like, since this will make it easier for the walee of a sister to contact the referee should he wish to do so. It is imperative the walee of the sister has an email address, since it is to him we shall mail contact details of prospective suitors, and if no email address is specified, the respective membership will be suspended until one is specified!
• I would like to change my username, is that possible?
No. If you wish to have a different username, then we suggest you sign-up for a new account with your new username and let us know of the details of the old account so we can delete it.
• I sent an email to the Walee of username ?????? and in return I received a message saying the email failed to be delivered / is incorrect. Could you please send me the Walee contact details of the other sister I listed in my initial request, or could you please forward my email address to the sister concerned?
No, instead, please notify us when you get a "failed to deliver" error message or if the email address listed is incorrect so we can contact the sister concerned to rectify the contact details, inshaa.-Allaah. Thereafter, if the sister fails to update her details within 7 days then we will suspend her membership so as to prevent a repeat of this situation.